" Repetition is the father of learning " " There is no absolute truth " " Every personal experience is unique " " Change is continuous process " " Trust " " Development = Action Learning = Living " " Think and Act " " Power, Ability, Insight " " Servant Leaderschip " " Authenticity is power and quality " " Believe: Yes I can "


Life experience, training, qualities, coaching

About five years ago I, Peter van Luijn, began coaching on the beach.
Since then beachcoaching has developed into a philosophy on how to coach. As Beachcoach I focus on individuals, but I can also meaningfully and effectively coach (business) partners (two people). As we walk on the beach, we work together on the issues or topics which you want to talk or reflect about, or which you want to develop. The focus is on new perspectives.

Coaching is a broad concept and to me it resembles consultancy. There is only one small difference: consultancy is more concerned with content while coaching is more focussed on personal development.

In different positions in diverse organizations, in the past years I have worked in the areas of human resources, organization and change processes. Counselling and coaching have always been my passion: client- and result-oriented. With my own company, Reflaction Management BV in The Hague, since 1996 I have been providing management consultancy and interim management services, and coaching.

My educational background is in Human Resources Management (Breda), Management Consultancy (Nijenrode), Sociology (University of Amsterdam), Culture, Organisation & Management  (VU Amsterdam), Quality Management (Qualtec, Florida, USA), Insight into Influence and Negotiation (Zaltbommel), Network Marketing (WIN, Texas, USA), Consultancy Skills, Professional Coaching and Train-the-Trainer.
Also extensive self-study in Psychology.

Furthermore I have gained my own life experience: personal ups-and-downs, experience with psychologists and psychiatrists, group processes, learning curves, giving and receiving advice, guidance and coaching, self-employment, own companies; I am the son of divorced parents, married, divorced, (sadly) no children, live with a
Bernese Mountain Dog named “8ty”, am sportive, and love travelling, nature and animals. I am a generalist in the broadest sense, with a passion for people, organizations, development, learning and living. And I delight in challenges. 

Personal qualities: strong and vigorous, can move people to action, authentic, energetic, analytic, enterprising, communicative, perceptive, open-minded, positive, active, holistic, direct.