" Repetition is the father of learning " " Development = Action Learning = Living " " Servant Leaderschip " " Change is continuous process " " Authenticity is power and quality " " Believe: Yes I can " " Trust " " There is no absolute truth " " Power, Ability, Insight " " Every personal experience is unique " " Think and Act "

Approach, Session, Philosophy

Walking on the beach. Place does not matter, as long as there is a beach. More about this in the book: 'Beachcoach philosophy'. 

A session of beachcoaching lasts from one hour to an hour and a half. We agree on a location and time. There is no in-take interview. 

If you want to talk about something, we go to the beach and do it right away. You can and may talk about everything. You yourself determine how far you want to go and how fast, and I will challenge and inspire you in your personal learning process. 

Core values are trust, self-reliance, professionalism, open-mindedness. Through observation, analysis, insight, acceptance and positivity, you will (re)gain in strength and own capacity to change (in the desired direction) will be realized. By questioning, listening, interrogating, confronting, reflecting, inspiring and being direct and open, I will support your own development.

Development is learning is life. I guarantee that you will move forward in your personal development. Being creative, authentic and open-minded, I want to and can provide you support – as your Beachcoach.

My specialism is that from my generalistic vision and approach I can provide my clients with customized services, depending on the unique personal (or organizational) situation. 
Coaching of groups requires specific customization and consultation regarding content, form and direction.
I also have a money-back guarantee.